Thursday, April 21, 2011

My new blog project

I'm writing a new blog for my employer and I hope everyone will take a look.

The blog deals primarily with what it's like working for a Kansas City advertising agency, gives helpful hints on website design and creativity. I'm also going to take on some really hard-hitting subjects, like weather, sports and whether or not Kansas City BBQ is the best in the country. (Nope, but it's good!)

For more spur of the moment thoughts, check out the Powerhouse Facebook page and become a fan. Usually the posts I make there are about funny ads, crappy ads or badvertising, as I like to call it, social media, design and copywriting.

Also for those of you on Twitter, check out the Powerhouse Twitter page for articles and thoughts about the industry and Kansas City website design.

Feel free to post your thoughts about whatever the subject matter at hand is. And feel free to contact me about any questions you might have regarding the industry.