Sunday, May 1, 2011

Kansas City Traffic Rants

Kansas City traffic offers challenges to commuters on both
sides of state line. Rants help me deal, though.

I can deal with Kansas City traffic for the most part. Realistically, I understand there will be regular snarls driving into downtown. For the most part, everyone has the same goal: getting to work on time safely. They work together to make it happen.

It's the idiots not paying attention, assholes who think they don't need to adhere to the rules of the road and just plain douchebags who make my blood pressure start to rise.

Why I rant...

First, my Dad taught truck drivers how to drive. He was big on defensive driving, too. When he taught me to drive, in a 1974 Honda Civic standard transmission. At the moment I was shifting gears, he'd ask me what color the car was behind us. If I had to look, he'd tell me I wasn't paying attention.

Second, someone once told me that if I was pissed off about something and didn't get it off my chest, it would turn into an ulcer. Maybe it was in a movie, or a stand up comedian, but who am I to question? I'm strictly opposed to anything messing with my digestive tract, so I tend to let my feelings  be known.

Third, because I know I can rant when I get home, it overcomes my desire to choke the shit of someone on the road, thus keeping Kansas City's thoroughfares free of additional slow-downs. Road rage isn't good for anyone.

So, Kansas City traffic rants are therapeutic for me. Hell. maybe people will read them and put out a little more effort on the road. Mostly, I hope you find them funny because I'm saying what you're thinking when some idiot douchebag moronic jackass jumps three lanes of traffic to hit an exit when he should have been in the exit lane a half mile back.
It happens.